1. PSA Nitrogen GeneratorThe carbon molecular sieve adsorbs the oxygen molecule in the air. Most of the nitrogen molecule will be collected and delivered to the nitrogen buffer tank for use.
    1. Nitrogen GeneratorPSA nitrogen generator is one of our most popular products, and it offers a safe, convenient and energy saving method to produce nitrogen gas on site by using pressure swing adsorption technology.
    1. Oxygen GeneratorThis air separation plant features automatic operation. The plug and play operation makes sure the oxygen generating system can be conveniently connected to other devices. To suit varied application demands, the oxygen generator supports adjustable oxygen purity between 90% and 95%.

Air Separation Plant

As an experienced air separation solutions provider, we can supply different types of air separation plants, including PSA nitrogen generator and PSA oxygen generator. Based on pressure swing adsorption technology, our range of on site gas generation system serves to separate high purity nitrogen and oxygen from compressed air. More details about our air separation units are provided in specific product pages.

While offering performance air separation plants, we are also a dedicated compressed air treatment solutions provider. We welcome you to contact us to have an in-depth look into our products.