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PSA Nitrogen Generator

As the name implies, the PSA nitrogen generator adopts pressure swing adsorption technology to separate the nitrogen from the air. Through depressurization, the nitrogen will be desorbed.

System Construction
The nitrogen generating machine is composed of air compressor, air pretreating equipment (refrigerated air dryer and filter), air buffer tank, nitrogen generator, and nitrogen buffer tank.

1. Firstly, the air pretreatment is carried out to eliminate the steam, dust, and oil contamination contained in the compressed air.
2. The processed air will then enter the two adsorption towers of the PSA nitrogen generator.
3. The carbon molecular sieve adsorbs the oxygen molecule in the air. Most of the nitrogen molecule will be collected and delivered to the nitrogen buffer tank for use.

1. The two adsorption towers for the high purity nitrogen generators work alternatively and automatically, ensuring continuous nitrogen production.
2. The operation of the switch is controlled by PLC installed for the air separation equipment.
3. Smartly designed, the solenoid valve for the PSA nitrogen generator is connected to the air source driven valve and the pneumatic valve. Through PLC, the signal is sent to control magnetism reversal, realizing automatic operation of the pneumatic valve.

Flow Chart

1. Air compressor
2. Refrigerated air dryer
3. Filters
4. Air tank
5. PSA nitrogen generator
6. Nitrogen storage tank
7. Filters

Operating Conditions
Item Parameters
Environment Temperature 0-40°C
Dust Content ≤1um
H2S and O2 Content ≤5ppm
CO2 Content ≤250ppm
C2H2 Content ≤0.5ppm
CnHm Content ≤20ppm
Acid Gas Content No pungent smell or corrosive gas
Ventilation Condition Good ventilation is required.
Technical Parameters
Brand KL
Model KPN
Product Name PSA Nitrogen Generator
Nitrogen Flow Capacity 5-3000Nm³/hr
Nitrogen Purity 98-99.9999%
Dew Point Temperature -40°C
Control Mode Intelligent control
Names Material Place of Origin Quantity
Air Storage Tank Q235B, GB150 China 1
Adsorption Tower Q235B, GB150 China 2
Carbon Molecular Sieve Carbon-based China Sufficient for use
Nitrogen Buffer Tank Q235B, GB150 China 1
Precise Filter A 0.01um China 1
Silencer <85dB(A) China 2
Nitrogen Analyser - China 1
Flowmeter - China 1
PLC - German Siemens 1
Air Cylinder Compression Unit - China 2
Control Cabinet - China, KL 1
Low-voltage Apparatus - France Schneider 1
Machine Pedestal and Accessories - China 1
Chassis Carbon steel China 1
Other Related Information
Delivery Time 30-80 days
Packaging Wooded case for export
Payment Term T/T, LC
Warranty 12 months
Production Capacity 20 sets/month
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