Refrigerated Dryer with Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

1. Advanced Heat Exchanger Technology
This range of refrigerated dryer is equipped with a shell and tube heat exchanger which is independently assembled and well insulated. This design allows for easy access to the components, which ensures convenient troubleshooting and maintenance.

Due to smooth-wall copper tubing, the shell and tube heat exchanger delivers higher thermal conductivity, which ensures efficient operation of the compressed air dryer. The smooth surface design also minimizes fouling inside the tubes, and offers minimal pressure drop. Thus, the performance of the refrigeration dryer is guaranteed.

2. Hot-gas By-pass Valve
As an optional configuration for refrigerated dryers of 5F to 120F models, the hot-gas by-pass valve can prevent freezing inside the evaporator under any load conditions. It is installed to the air dryer already during the final test and doesn’t need further adjustment.

3. Standard and Optional Configurations
A. This range of compressed air treatment equipment is designed with the standard configuration such as the On/Off switch, power on light, compressor running indicator light and refrigerant suction gauge.
B. The analog gauges in any combination are available for monitoring the pressure and air temperature at the inlet and outlet.
C. The digital dew point controller is optional for refrigerated dryers of 150F and above models.

4. Timer Controlled Electronic Condensate Drain
All our refrigerated air dryers are fitted with the timer controlled electronic condensate drain, thus allowing users to discharge condensate for a controlled time and interval.

5. Heavy Duty Fan
As a common seen compressed air system component, our refrigerated dryers with shell and tube heat exchanger is equipped with a motor driven heavy duty fan which offers large air flow, low operating noise and long lifespan. It needs less maintenance, saving a lot of trouble for the user.