1. KDH Series High Inlet Temperature Refrigerated Dryer with Plate Heat Exchanger The KDH series high inlet temperature refrigerated dryer is equipped with an aluminum plate heat exchanger. It is designed for high temperature applications. Available with the built-in after cooler and independent fan, this refrigerated compressed air dryer supports maximum inlet air temperature up to 80°C without affecting the dew point.

Refrigerated Air Dryer with Plate Heat Exchanger

1. All-in-one Aluminum Plate Heat Exchanger

Our KDL and KDH series refrigerated dryers are configured with an all-in-one aluminum plate heat exchanger which houses the air-to-air heat exchanger, air-to-refrigerant heat exchanger (evaporator) and moisture separator in one aluminum module.

The refrigerated air dryer pre-cools the compressed air from the air compressor via the cold air exiting from the refrigerant section. Then, the pre-cooled air is further cooled in the refrigerant section. After that, the air stream would enter into a separate chamber to drain the condensed water. After reheating in the regeneration section, the compressed air is kept with final humidity below 25%.

2. Eco-friendly Refrigerant Compressor
This range of refrigerated dryer adopts the eco-friendly R407C or R134a refrigerant compressor. In contrast with the piston compressor, the scroll compressor can save the energy by 20% to 30%. The moving parts less than 50% as well as the ability of tolerating the liquid return create the almost indestructible high reliability.

3. Hot-gas By-pass Valve
All our refrigerated dryers with plate heat exchanger are installed with the hot-gas by-pass valve which plays the function of avoiding the freezing occurring inside of the evaporator at any load condition. There is no need for users to adjust the hot-gas by-pass valve before use because it has been installed and set already during the final test.

4. Configurations
Standard configurations for this compressed air system component include the On/Off switch, power on light, compressor running indicator light and the refrigerant suction gauge.
For monitoring the pressure and air temperature at the inlet and outlet, the analog gauges in any combination can be brought for use.
As for refrigerated dryers of 150F and above models, the digital dew point controller is available for option.

5. Timer Controlled Electronic Condensate Drain
All refrigeration dryers are outfitted with a timer controlled electronic condensate drain which supports adjustable discharge and interval time.

6. Heavy Duty Fan
This range of compressed air treatment equipment is available with a motor driven, heavy duty fan which delivers large air flow, low operational noise, long lifespan, and convenient maintenance.