1. Large Capacity Refrigerated DryerFor keeping stable dew point and reducing the operating cost of customers, the compressed air dryer is manufactured with the shell and tube heat exchanger. Due to the extra large air-to-air heat exchanger and air-to-refrigerant heat exchanger, the refrigerated dryer maximizes the heat transfer efficiency and minimizes the pressure drop.
    1. High Pressure Refrigerated DryerOur high pressure refrigerated dryer is classified into 40bar, 60bar and 80bar types. The 40bar type is especially designed for PET bottle blowing air compressor systems. This range of refrigeration dryer is ideal for industries such as pharmaceutical packaging, injection molding, and more.
    1. Low Temperature Refrigerated DryerThe low temperature refrigerated dryer is especially designed for occasions with requirement of low outlet air temperature. It is able to deliver outlet air at 8℃ only. It is often found in cryogenic oxygen plants, cryogenic nitrogen plants and other special industrial areas.

Refrigerated Air Dryer

The compressed air is widely applied in pneumatic tools, industrial production processes, control valves and instruments. But there is a problem that the condensate water, oil and other impurities would come out during the compression process. If those undesired impurities are not removed from the compressed air, they can cause adverse effect to the down stream equipment. Our range of refrigerated air dryer is designed to provide clean and dry compressed air, thus avoiding system corrosion, damage to pneumatic tools, or degradation of products or processes that come in contact with compressed air.

In order to suit clients varied demands on compressed air treatment, we provide different types of refrigerated air dryers, including the refrigerated dryer with shell and tube heat exchanger, the dryer with plate heat exchanger, and more. These types of compressed air purification equipment is fabricated with advanced refrigerating technology, and offers high reliability, compact structure and reduced energy consumption.

As a specialized compressed air dryer manufacturer in China, we also supply many other styles of compressed air systems, including desiccant dryer, compressed air filter, among others. If you are looking for reliable compressed air solutions provider, please feel free to contact us.

Working pressure coefficient F1:
Mpa 0.3 0.5 0.7 1 1.3 1.6
Coefficient 0.7 0.85 1 1.16 1.25 1.3
Inlet temperature coefficient F2:
25 30 35 38 41 45 50 55 60
Coefficient 1.5 1.25 1.15 1 0.9 0.8 0.68 0.55 0.49
Ambient temperature coefficient F3:
20 25 30 35 38 40 45 50
Coefficient 1.2 1.16 1.1 1.05 1 0.92 0.88 0.7
Dew-point coefficient F4:
3 5 7 10 15
Coefficient 0.93 1 1.08 1.2 1.35