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Heat of Compression Desiccant Dryer

The KXC series heat of compression desiccant dryer is designed to remove water from compressed air in an extremely effective way, by offering pressure dew point of -40℃. It makes full use of the heat generated during air compression process for desiccant regeneration. Hence, this compressed air purification system provides dry and clean compressed air with a much lower operation cost, when compared with refrigerated air dryers and other types of desiccant air dryers.

Additionally, our heat of compression desiccant dryer delivers 1% purge loss or zero loss, which further saves energy consumption. Owing to these, this regenerative air dryer is often applied for centrifugal air compressors with large flow of 65-510m3/min.

1. Top Level PLC Controller

The heat of compression compressed air dyer adopts Siemens S7200 or S7300 PLC controller as well as 7" touch screen to realize operation status monitoring and all the other functions.

2. High Efficiency Heater Exchanger
The shell and tube heat exchanger is applied, while plate heat exchanger made of stainless steel is optional.

3. High Quality Desiccant
The fixed double beds are filled with high quality activated alumina and molecular sieve, respectively.

4. Pressure Gauges
Both towers for the desiccant dryer are outfitted with a stainless steel pressure gauge, so as to reveal pressure levels during drying and regeneration process.

5. Dew Point Display
Our desiccant air dryer uses a high precision ceramic sensor to detect the dew point, and the value is displayed on the screen. Alarming function is available to avoid too high dew point.

6. Particulate Filter
The adsorption dryer is outfitted with particulate filter to capture fine desiccant particles, so as to avoid damages to downstream equipment.

7. Large Mufflers
Large mufflers are adopted for the heat of compression desiccant dryer, so as to minimize noise level. Built-in safety relief valves are available to enhance safety.

8. Tower Insulation (Optional)
With the help of this optional design, heat won’t be released from towers, which improves regeneration efficiency. Additionally, contact barrier is supplied for safety.

9. Mounted Pre-filter and After-filter (for Selected Models)
For some models of our heat of compression desiccant dryer, pre-filter and after-filter are installed in our factory, ensuring processing results.

10. ASME Certificated Pressure Vessels (Optional)
These optional pressure vessels for our desiccant air dryers are in accordance with the requirements of ASME Section VIII, Div. 1.

11. NEMA 4 Rated Electrical Enclosure (Optional)
The NEMA 4 and IP66 rated electrical enclosure offers meticulous protections for the electrical components.

Operating Conditions
Normal Inlet Pressure 7 bar (g)
Normal Inlet Temperature 120℃
Pressure Dew Point -40℃
Purge Loss 1% or zero purge
Max. Operating Pressure 10 bar
Min. Operating Pressure 4 bar
Min. Inlet Temperature 90℃
Standard Power Supply 220V/1Ph/50Hz
Model Flow Capacity Dimensions Air Connection Weight (kg)
m3/min CFM L (mm) W (mm) H (mm)
KXC-200 23 812 2070 1030 2310 DN80 1480
KXC-250 27 953 2410 1200 2430 DN80 1720
KXC-300 34 1200 2740 1350 2650 DN80 1980
KXC-400 45 1588 2900 1510 2780 DN100 2500
KXC-500 55 1941 3050 1690 2830 DN100 3130
KXC-600 65 2294 3190 1810 2880 DN125 3920
KXC-800 87 3071 3300 1920 2910 DN150 4650
KXC-1000 110 3883 3520 2100 2990 DN150 5960
KXC-1200 130 4589 3700 2330 3170 DN150 6530
KXC-1500 160 5648 3900 2450 3200 DN200 5007
KXC-2000 210 7413 4680 2750 3510 DN200 9230
KXC-2500 260 9178 5400 3000 3720 DN250 12400
KXC-3000 320 10943 6900 3300 3940 DN250 14300
KXC-3500 360 12708 7540 3470 3920 DN300 15900
KXC-4000 410 14473 8210 3580 3850 DN300 17200
KXC-5000 510 18003 9100 3620 3860 DN350 19200
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