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Ecopure Series Compressed Air Filter

Parker Hannifin Corporation is the world’s leading manufacture of motion and control technologies and systems, and it has many famous brands in the air compressor filter industry. Ecopure series compressed air filter is the latest product of Parker, and it is an efficient solution for compressed air purification. It can serve as oil removal filter, water removal filter, etc.

This range of compressed air filter is designed on the basis of compressed air and gas filters of Parker Oil-X Evolution series, Finite H Series, and Hiross Hyper series. It features higher efficiency in contaminant removal. By supplying high purity compressed air, it helps users save production cost.

1. The Parker compressed air filter allows for convenient installation and replacement.
2. The built-in filter element doesn’t have any draw bar, so the flow area is enlarged while the pressure drop is lowered.
3. The patented top cover offers excellent protection for filter element.
4. The drain valve doesn’t consume any air, and thus there is no lost of compressed air.
5. The high performance aluminum alloy housing ensures a long lifespan over 5 years. It passes bursting test of 80 bar which is 5 times of the design pressure. The housing surface is specially treated to improve corrosion resistance, making the compressed air filter suitable for outdoor installation.

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