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Small Compressed Air Filter (1.6~23m3/min)

This range of compressed air filter supports a relatively smaller flow capacity, ranging from 1.6m3/min to 23m3/min. It is a commonly used component for compressed air systems, and is a great solution for the removal of oil mists, water droplets, and solid contaminants from compressed air. Combining the advantages of oil removal filters and water removal filters, this compressed air filtration unit is also regularly utilized for gas filtration in industrial and manufacturing applications.

1. The filter element is designed on the basis of advanced aeronautic technologies. The air inlet for the gas filter comes with a 90° elbow which effectively reduces the turbulence and pressure loss.
2. A cone-shaped flow diffuser is placed at the bottom of filter element, so the filtration area is enlarged.
3. This small capacity compressed air filter uses imported high quality glass fiber, and the bayonet installation makes it easy to change the filter element.
4. For air compressor filters of 400 or above grades, larger inlet connection is available. Thus, the resistance of filter element is lowered, and the installation is also easier.

Flow Chart
Technical Parameters
Grade Model Capacity Max. Inlet
Pressure Precision Filter Element
(model × pcs)
Connection Weight
35 C35 1.6m3/min 80℃ 2-13 bar 3μm, 3ppm C35E×1 1" 2.8
T35 1μm, 1ppm T35E×1
A35 0.01μm, 0.01ppm A35E×1
70 C70 2.6m3/min 80℃ 2-13 bar 3μm, 3ppm C70E×1 1" 3
T70 1μm, 1ppm T70E×1
A70 0.01μm, 0.01ppm A70E×1
100 C100 3.8m3/min 80℃ 2-13 bar 3μm, 3ppm C100E×1 1" 4
T100 1μm, 1ppm T100E×1
A100 0.01μm, 0.01ppm A100E×1
150 C150 5.0m3/min 80℃ 2-13 bar 3μm, 3ppm C150E×1 1-1/2" 5.5
T150 1μm, 1ppm T150E×1
A150 0.01μm, 0.01ppm A150E×1
200 C200 7.0m3/min 80℃ 2-13 bar 3μm, 3ppm C200E×1 1-1/2" 6.8
T200 1μm, 1ppm T200E×1
A200 0.01μm, 0.01ppm A200E×1
300 C300 8.5m3/min 80℃ 2-13 bar 3μm, 3ppm C300E×1 1-1/2" 7.3
T300 1μm, 1ppm T300E×1
A300 0.01μm, 0.01ppm A300E×1
350 C350 11.5m3/min 80℃ 2-13 bar 3μm, 3ppm C350E×1 1-1/2" 9.2
T350 1μm, 1ppm T350E×1
A350 0.01μm, 0.01ppm A350E×1
400 C400 13.5m3/min 80℃ 2-13 bar 3μm, 3ppm C400E×1 2" 19.2
T400 1μm, 1ppm T400E×1
A400 0.01μm, 0.01ppm A400E×1
600 C600 17m3/min 80℃ 2-13 bar 3μm, 3ppm C600E×1 2" 23
T600 1μm, 1ppm T600E×1
A600 0.01μm, 0.01ppm A600E×1
800 C800 23m3/min 80℃ 2-13 bar 3μm, 3ppm C800E×1 2" 28
T800 1μm, 1ppm T800E×1
A800 0.01μm, 0.01ppm A800E×4
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