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Flanged Compressed Air Filter (27~210m3/min)

As indicated by its name, the flanged compressed air filter is connected by flanges. It has a larger flow capacity of 27-210m3/min, and the filter housing is manufactured using carbon steel which shows good pressure resistant property. For improved filtration efficiency, this compressed air treatment system incorporates several filter elements, and it is designed with large-diameter inlet connection to reduce the resistance of filter element. Also, the installation of filter element is convenient and stable.

This compressed air filter can remove water, oil and other impurities completely from compressed air. Thus, it can provide customers with dried compressed air to reduce overall operating cost. We welcome you to contact us whether you need oil removal filter or water removal filter.

Flow Chart
Technical Parameters
Grade Model Capacity Max. Inlet
Pressure Precision Filter Element
(model × pcs)
Connection Weight
900 C900 27m3/min 80℃ 2-10 bar 3μm, 3ppm C400E×2 DN65 79
T900 1μm, 1ppm T400E×2
A900 0.01μm, 0.01ppm A400E×2
1200 C1200 34m3/min 80℃ 2-10 bar 3μm, 3ppm C600E×2 DN80 85
T1200 1μm, 1ppm T600E×2
A1200 0.01μm, 0.01ppm A600E×2
1600 C1600 45m3/min 80℃ 2-10 bar 3μm, 3ppm C800E×2 DN100 115
T1600 1μm, 1ppm T800E×2
A1600 0.01μm, 0.01ppm A800E×2
2000 C2000 55m3/min 80℃ 2-10 bar 3μm, 3ppm C600E×3 DN100 128
T2000 1μm, 1ppm T600E×3
A2000 0.01μm, 0.01ppm A600E×3
2400 C2400 65m3/min 80℃ 2-10 bar 3μm, 3ppm C800E×3 DN125 135
T2400 1μm, 1ppm T800E×3
A2400 0.01μm, 0.01ppm A800E×3
3000 C3000 87m3/min 80℃ 2-10 bar 3μm, 3ppm C800E×4 DN150 155
T3000 1μm, 1ppm T800E×4
A3000 0.01μm, 0.01ppm A800E×4
4000 C4000 110m3/min 80℃ 2-10 bar 3μm, 3ppm C800E×5 DN150 158
T4000 1μm, 1ppm T800E×5
A4000 0.01μm, 0.01ppm A800E×5
4800 C4800 130m3/min 80℃ 2-10 bar 3μm, 3ppm C800E×6 DN150 170
T4800 1μm, 1ppm T800E×6
A4800 0.01μm, 0.01ppm A800E×6
5600 C5600 160m3/min 80℃ 2-10 bar 3μm, 3ppm C800E×8 DN200 245
T5600 1μm, 1ppm T800E×8
A5600 0.01μm, 0.01ppm A800E×8
7000 C7000 210m3/min 80℃ 2-10 bar 3μm, 3ppm C800E×10 DN200 270
T7000 1μm, 1ppm T800E×10
A7000 0.01μm, 0.01ppm A800E×10
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