1. Ecopure Series Compressed Air FilterParker Hannifin Corporation is the world’s leading manufacture of motion and control technologies and systems, and it has many famous brands in the air compressor filter industry. Ecopure series compressed air filter is the latest product of Parker, and it is an efficient solution for compressed air purification.
    1. Small Compressed Air Filter (1.6~23m³/min) The filter element is designed on the basis of advanced aeronautic technologies. The air inlet for the gas filter comes with a 90° elbow which effectively reduces the turbulence and pressure loss.
      A cone-shaped flow diffuser is placed at the bottom of filter element, so the filtration area is enlarged.
    1. Flanged Compressed Air Filter (27~210m³/min)It has a larger flow capacity of 27-210m3/min, and the filter housing is manufactured using carbon steel which shows good pressure resistant property. For improved filtration efficiency, this compressed air treatment system incorporates several filter elements, and it is designed with large-diameter inlet connection to reduce the resistance of filter element.

Compressed Air Filter

The compressed air filter is a commonly used compressed air system component designed to provide high quality filtration performance for compressed air. Due to high efficiency and long service life, this compressed air filtration unit has been exported to over 20 countries and regions.

Our range of compressed air filter is an efficient compressed air purification system for removal of contaminants such as water, oil, dust, etc., thus protecting the downstream equipment in the complete compressed air system. Hence, whether you are looking for in-line filter, oil removal filter, or water removal filter, please feel secure in trying our products.

As an expert in compressed air treatment equipment, we at Kelin Aier can also supply compressed air dryers including both refrigerated dryer and desiccant dryer.