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Nitrogen Generator

Although nitrogen gas takes up 78% of atmospheric air, it is yet difficult and expensive to obtain high quality nitrogen gas. Given this, we have intensively studied the gas separation technology, and now we can supply different types of on site gas generation systems. PSA nitrogen generator is one of our most popular products, and it offers a safe, convenient and energy saving method to produce nitrogen gas on site by using pressure swing adsorption technology. Small or medium sized PSA nitrogen generation system can be mounted on one or several frames to achieve convenient installation.

With the help of our nitrogen generator, user can produce nitrogen gas according to the practical needs, and the gas is completely under control. Nitrogen gas has a wide range of applications in industries such as laser cutting process, offshore oil exploitation project, fresh keeping job for food, explosion prevention in chemical plant and many other situations.

1. High Reliability

(1) This PSA nitrogen generator adopts advanced nitrogen generation technique, and the unique flow distributor avoids air channeling. Hence, compressed air will flow through the adsorption bed with a more uniform speed, resulting in improved utilization rate of adsorbent.
(2) The automatic clamp cylinder and unique air intake method guarantee that air inside the tower will flow in a constant direction, which is helpful to prevent fatigue wear of adsorbent. So, the life span of adsorbent is ensured.
(3) Additionally, the nitrogen gas generator is equipped with key components all provided by world famous suppliers. For example, the valves are extremely durable, and they can work for 1 million times, ensuring stable running of our on site gas system.

2. Energy Saving Performance
The nitrogen generator adopts high performance carbon molecular sieve which possesses extremely high dynamic adsorption capacity as well as excellent desorption property, so remarkable separation efficiency between oxygen and nitrogen is obtained.
Additionally, this nitrogen adsorption plant features scientifically designed working flow, and adopts many measures to recycle energy and materials. This not only improves nitrogen purity, but also saves a lot of energy. As compared with similar products, this range of pressure swing adsorption plant reduces energy consumption by 20%.

3. Easy Operation
This PSA nitrogen generator is plug-and-play type, and it realizes automatic working. In addition, the nitrogen purity can be adjusted within 95%-99.9995% according to customer’s needs.

We can provide customized nitrogen generator solutions, and customers only need to offer the following details.
1. Flow capacity of nitrogen
2. Application area and purpose
3. Nitrogen purity
4. Nitrogen pressure
5. Dew point of nitrogen gas
6. Altitude of working site for nitrogen generator
7. Minimum and maximum ambient temperatures of working site
8. Requirements for power supply
9. Whether there is already a source for compressed air or not

Working Principle
This types of air separation plant uses pressure swing adsorption technology to isolate nitrogen molecules from other molecules in compressed air, and the purity of nitrogen gas can reach up to 99.9995%.

The core components for the PSA nitrogen generator are the two adsorption towers which are filled with high quality carbon molecular sieve. At first, clean, dry and oil-free compressed air flows into one tower that is ready for adsorption stage, and when pressure increases, the efficient carbon molecular sieve inside prefers to adsorb oxygen molecules due to the different sizes of nitrogen and oxygen. As a result, nitrogen is separated and collected.

After a certain period of time, oxygen adsorption is under equilibrium. Carbon molecular sieve shows different gas adsorbing capacity under different pressures, so depressurization will be carried out to release adsorbed oxygen for regeneration process. At the same time, the other tower is pressurized, making it ready for work.

In this way, these two towers work in turn to obtain continuous nitrogen gas flow, and the nitrogen gas flows through nitrogen tank as well as flowmeter. After passing sample detection, nitrogen is ready for further use.

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