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Oxygen Generator

Our PSA oxygen generator relies on the pressure swing adsorption technology and uses zeolite molecular sieve to separate oxygen from compressed air. It offers oxygen flow rate from 3m3/h to 100m3/h.

1. Easy Operation

This air separation plant features automatic operation. The plug and play operation makes sure the oxygen generating system can be conveniently connected to other devices. To suit varied application demands, the oxygen generator supports adjustable oxygen purity between 90% and 95%.

2. High Reliability
(1) The state-of-the-art gas separation technology and distinct air distributor are very helpful to prevent air channeling problems. This allows the air stream to pass through the adsorption bed with uniform speed, thus improving the utilization rate of adsorbent.
(2) International famous brand key components further enhance reliability. For instance, the valves have a long lifespan up to one million times of service, which allows the oxygen plant to operate stably in constant way.
(3) The automatic clamp cylinder and exclusive air intake method enables the air stream to move in an unchanged direction. Thus, the adsorbent effectively avoids fatigue wear, and it can serve as long as it is supposed to.

3. Energy Efficient
This PSA oxygen generator adopts high performance zeolite molecular sieve as the adsorbent material so as to provide excellent dynamic adsorption capacity and desorption property. The high performance adsorbent delivers high separation efficiency.
Available with multiple energy and resource recycling designs, this range of on-site gas generation system produces high purity oxygen gas while reducing energy consumption. It saves over 20% energy as compared with its counterparts.

In addition to the standard PSA oxygen generators, we can also design and produce oxygen generation plans that fit your requirements perfectly. Following information should be provided for customization.
1. Flow capacity of oxygen
2. Application area and purpose
3. Oxygen purity
4. Oxygen pressure
5. Dew point of oxygen
6. Altitude of working site for our machine
7. Minimum and maximum ambient temperatures of working site
8. Requirements for power supply
9. Whether there is a source for compressed air

How Does the PSA Oxygen Generator Work?
A complete set of PSA oxygen generation system mainly consists of the air compressor, dust removal filter, refrigerated air dryer, oil removal filter, activated carbon filter, compressed air surge tank, switching valve, adsorber and the oxygen surge tank.

When clean and dry compressed air enters into one adsorber that is filled with adsorbent, some components including water vapor, carbon dioxide and other gases are adsorbed by activated alumina which is set at the bottom of the entrance of adsorber. Then, nitrogen is adsorbed by zeolite molecular sieve that is placed on the top of activated alumina. However, oxygen and argon are not adsorbed, and they flow into the oxygen balance tank through the outlet at the top of adsorber.

After some time, the adsorbent will be saturated, and the adsorbed water vapor, carbon dioxide, nitrogen gas and other gases are discharged into atmosphere, while the adsorbent is regenerated.

Standard Operating Conditions
Oxygen Purity 93%
Oxygen Pressure 4 bar
Oxygen Dew Point ≤ -45°C
Air Inlet Pressure 7.5 bar
Air Inlet Dew Point 3°C
Air Inlet Quality ISO8573.1
Technical Parameters
Model Flow Capacity (Nm3/h) Air Consumption (Nm3/min) Inlet (mm) Outlet (mm)
KPO-3 3 0.95 20 15
KPO-6 6 1.9 25 15
KPO-10 10 2.8 32 15
KPO-20 20 5.6 40 20
KPO-30 30 8.4 50 20
KPO-50 50 14 65 25
KPO-80 80 22 65 32
KPO-100 100 28 80 32
KPO-150 150 42 100 40
KPO-200 200 56 125 40
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