1. Air Cooled Water Chiller Its adoption of red copper tube heat exchanger ensures high heat transfer efficiency. Additionally, imported valves and components are adopted for the refrigeration system, so as to keep high durability and stale performance.
    1. Water Cooled Water ChillerThe standard configurations for this industrial chiller include the pump tank, high-efficiency scroll compressor, stainless steel plate evaporator and condenser, tandem and dual circuit, shell and tube heat exchanger, filter dryer, thermostatic expansion valve, and sight glass.

Industrial Water Chiller

As an expert in industrial water chiller industry, we supply both water cooled and air cooled chillers to meet varied application demands.

A. Air Cooled Version
a. Without need of cooling tower, the air cooled water chiller features easy installation and convenient moving. It is suitable for the occasions lacking of water without water tower.
b. This industrial chiller has merits such as low noise fan motor, excellent cooling condensation effect, stable throttle mechanism and outstanding rust-proof treatment.
c. Due to adoption of imported high performance air compressor manufactured by European and American enterprises, this range of industrial water chiller delivers high EER value, low running noise and stable operation.

B. Water Cooled Version
a. Our water cooled chiller is designed with ergonomic control panel to realize full automatic control. Configured with high-precision electric temperature controller, the product can realize long-term stable operation.
b. Due to the high efficiency heat exchanger, the loss of refrigeration capacity is less. Meanwhile, the oil return is easy and the heat transfer tube won’t come out with frost crack.
c. The air compressor configured to the water cooled water chiller is imported from Japanese and American enterprises. It can ensure high EER value, low noise and stable operation.