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    1. Heatless Regenerative Desiccant Dryer

      This range of heatless regenerative desiccant dryer is especially suitable for compressed air systems which are exposed to ambient temperatures of 0°C or below, as well as places that require compressed air with extremely low water content.

    1. Heat of Compression Desiccant Dryer

      The KXC series heat of compression desiccant dryer is designed to remove water from compressed air in an extremely effective way, by offering pressure dew point of -40°C. It makes full use of the heat generated during air compression process for desiccant regeneration.

    1. Blower Purge Desiccant DryerThe external heater for this adsorption dryer has a sheath that is made of Incoloy alloy, and it features very low energy consumption. The temperature of heater sheath is monitored to ensure continuous normal and safe operation, and the power supply of heater will be cut off if the temperature exceeds a certain value.
    1. Heated Regenerative Desiccant Air Dryer

      This heated regenerative desiccant dryer takes advantage of Siemens S7200 or S7300 PLC controller to realize all the functions, and also adopts the 7" touch screen to display the working status.

  • Combined Air Dryer

    The dew point can be as low as -70℃.
    The desiccant has a prolonged service life which is 3 times longer than that of common desiccant air dryers. So, maintenance cost is cut down.

    1. Ecopure Series Compressed Air FilterParker Hannifin Corporation is the world’s leading manufacture of motion and control technologies and systems, and it has many famous brands in the air compressor filter industry. Ecopure series compressed air filter is the latest product of Parker, and it is an efficient solution for compressed air purification.
    1. Small Compressed Air Filter (1.6~23m³/min) The filter element is designed on the basis of advanced aeronautic technologies. The air inlet for the gas filter comes with a 90° elbow which effectively reduces the turbulence and pressure loss.
      A cone-shaped flow diffuser is placed at the bottom of filter element, so the filtration area is enlarged.
    1. Flanged Compressed Air Filter (27~210m³/min)It has a larger flow capacity of 27-210m3/min, and the filter housing is manufactured using carbon steel which shows good pressure resistant property. For improved filtration efficiency, this compressed air treatment system incorporates several filter elements, and it is designed with large-diameter inlet connection to reduce the resistance of filter element.
    1. Air Cooled Water Chiller Its adoption of red copper tube heat exchanger ensures high heat transfer efficiency. Additionally, imported valves and components are adopted for the refrigeration system, so as to keep high durability and stale performance.
    1. Water Cooled Water ChillerThe standard configurations for this industrial chiller include the pump tank, high-efficiency scroll compressor, stainless steel plate evaporator and condenser, tandem and dual circuit, shell and tube heat exchanger, filter dryer, thermostatic expansion valve, and sight glass.
    1. PSA Nitrogen GeneratorThe carbon molecular sieve adsorbs the oxygen molecule in the air. Most of the nitrogen molecule will be collected and delivered to the nitrogen buffer tank for use.
    1. PSA Oxygen Generator and Oxygen Cylinder Filling StationOur molecular sieve comes with first class quality. The regenerating property helps achieve lifespan over 40,000 hours.
    1. Nitrogen GeneratorPSA nitrogen generator is one of our most popular products, and it offers a safe, convenient and energy saving method to produce nitrogen gas on site by using pressure swing adsorption technology.
    1. Oxygen GeneratorThis air separation plant features automatic operation. The plug and play operation makes sure the oxygen generating system can be conveniently connected to other devices. To suit varied application demands, the oxygen generator supports adjustable oxygen purity between 90% and 95%.

Kelin Aier is a Chinese professional compressed air purification equipment manufacturer. We mainly provide the compressed air filter, air separation plant, industrial water chiller, as well as desiccant and refrigerated compressed air dryer.