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Compressed Air Dryer Application Cases

110m³/min Heat of Compression Desiccant Air Dryer in Steel Mill

The normal desiccant air dryer is manufactured with the inlet air temperature of 45°C. However, this large scale heat of compression desiccant dryer allows the maximum inlet air temperature as high as 170°C.

Heat of Compression Desiccant Air Dryer with Zero Purge Loss

With the flow capacity of 130m³/min and dew point of -50°C, the heat of compression desiccant air dryer is fabricated with Korean technology. Its overriding advantages are zero purge loss, energy saving and environmental protection.

Desiccant Air Dryer for Outdoor Mining Job

The mining is often conducted outdoors with mobility. We have developed the box type desiccant air dryer containing the air dryer, oil-water separator and filter.