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Troubleshooting for Compressed Air Dryers

Common Troubles and Troubleshooting for Refrigerated Air Dryers
1. Automatic Drainage System Failure

Causes: The reasons for the fault may be too high or too low working pressure (the normal working pressure ranging from 2 to 10KG), blocked drainer or clogged drainer filter.
Solutions: Then, the corresponding solutions are adjusting the working pressure, checking the water drainage system often, as well as cleaning the filter and drainer.

2. Over-High Pressure Refrigerant
Causes: The possible reasons causing the trouble include too large working load, too high ambient temperature or cooling water temperature, too small water volume or water pressure, blocked air condenser, bad ventilation, etc.
Solutions: The user can solve the problem through adjusting the working flow, adding the ventilation device, improving the cooling water and bringing the cooler into use.

3. Over-Low Pressure Refrigerant
Causes: The fault may be caused by too low working load or refrigerant leakage.
Solutions: The effective solutions are increasing the load and filling the refrigerant after repairing the leakage.

4. Too Large Pressure Drop
Causes: If there is piping system error, air processing capacity exceeding the rated flow capacity, clogged filter or condensed water freezing in evaporator, the refrigerated dryer may come out with too large pressure drop.
Solutions: The solution can be air flow adjustment, water drainage system checking for ensuring unobstructed drainage or filter element replacement.

5. Poor Water Removal
Causes: The abnormal piping system, large air flow, abnormal water drainage system or abnormal indication of refrigerant evaporating temperature can all give rise to poor water removal.
Solutions: In this case, the user can check whether the by-pass valve is closed completely, clean the water drainage system, adjust the air flow, improve the working environment, add the ventilation system as well as adjust the cooling water temperature and flow.

Common Troubles and Troubleshooting for Desiccant Air Dryers
1. The dew point at outlet is not up to the requirements.

Causes: The possible reasons are insufficient purge air, deficiency of desiccant regeneration time, upstream liquid water entering into the adsorber leading to saturation of desiccant, oil contaminated desiccant, unclosed or leaky system bypass, operating conditions deviating from the design conditions severely, etc.
Solutions: The corresponding solutions are adjusting the purge air demand and desiccant regeneration time as required, checking water drainage of upstream equipment, closing the downstream valve and activating the desiccant according to the activation operating method, removing the oil pollution source, making sure whether the front filter element fails to work, closing and repairing the by-pass valve, and correcting the air inlet conditions to make the equipment operate under the specified conditions.

2. The pressure is not normal.
Causes: The abnormal pressure of the desiccant dryer may originate from overlarge regenerative pressure of adsorber by exceeding 0.02MPa, sudden interrupted compressed air supply, regenerative adsorber failing to discharge pressure, etc.
Solutions: If desiccant air dryers have the above fault, the user can check whether the air inlet valve, exhaust valve and regenerative gas inlet valve are locked tightly. Then, the checking items involve muffler for eliminating blockage, control unit for eliminating the interference and the regenerative outlet valve. After removing the valve failure, cleaning the muffler, repairing the fault of program control unit, the user should also make sure that the electromagnetic valve is not blocked and that the coil is in good condition.

3. The heating temperature of the purge gas can not reach the requirements or the purge gas cannot be heated up.
Causes: The main reason for the problem could be overlarge purge gas flow or the burnt-out electric heating element.
Solutions: Accordingly, the regenerator should be adjusted in line with the requirements and the electric heating element should be measured to see whether it can work normally.

4. The pressure drop of the compressed air treatment system is too large.
Causes: The fault arises from several reasons including overlarge air flow, not fully opened air outlet valve, clogged diffuser, serious pulverization and fragmentation of desiccant.
Solutions: In view of this, the user should adjust the air flow, check and repair the outlet valve, check and replace the diffuser and the adsorbent.