Hangzhou Kelin Aier Qiyuan Equipment Co., Ltd.
Add.: Zhejiang Province, P.R.China
Tel.: +86-571-88791018
Fax: +86-571-88792222
Contact Person: Miss Vicky Lin

Development History

In Oct. 1997, Kelin Aier Qiyuan Equipment Co., Ltd. was incorporated as a dedicated supplier that specialized in the distribution of auxiliary equipment for compressed air systems.

In Nov. 1999, KL established its initial branch office in Wenzhou. We beat the competition by being the first to establish presence in the province.

In 2000, we began an initiative to expand our scope of operation. Our company started to shift priorities in the direction of manufacturing and sales.

In May 2000, our Ningbo office became operational. This subsidiary boosted our Zhejiang regional sales figure to the top of the industry.

In 2001, we took our knowledge of import machinery and implemented it for the design, development, and production of KL brand compressed air treatment equipment.

In May 2001, we founded an office in Suzhou as the launching point of our domestic market campaign. This marked the establishment of our first office outside of the province.

In Nov. 2011, we relocated to the Green Acres Industrial Park outside of Genshan West Road and officially defined our manufacturing standards. .

In Dec. 2001, our Jinan branch was conceived. Subsequently, we established office locations in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Wuhan, Nanjing, Shenyang, Xian, and other major cities. Gradually, our national sales and service network is taking form.

In Jan. 2002, we began to initiate computerized management for aspects such as purchasing, production, and distribution. Through proven scientific methods, we have renewed our development efforts.

In 2003, we implemented the ISO9000 Quality Management System to ensure the consistency of our product quality.

In 2004, we introduced compressed air system components such as the pre-cooler, water filter, waste oil collector, and the industrial water chiller.

In 2005, our year-end summarization indicated that we have grown exponentially in the past 2 years.

In Jan. 2006, our company relocated to the Anxi Industrial Park, occupying approximately 20 acres of facility space. We obtained rights for both import and export. A new stage of development was initiated to emphasize brand imaging through quality and performance. We officially registered under the name Hangzhou Kelin Aier Qiyuan Equipment Co., Ltd.

In Mar. 2007, our range of refrigerated air dryer and desiccant air dryer were CE certified.

In Jun. 2007, we implemented the 5S on-site management system.

From Apr. to Oct. 2007, in response to the request of Regulations of The People's Republic of China on Administration of Production Licensing of Industrial Products (No. 440 Decree of the State Council) about compressed air purifying device industry must execute production license system, the whole company worked together and responded positively. And we went through the first trial in early July.

In Oct. 2007, we passed the final audit by the production license audit ministry and became one of the first approved manufacturers in the industry.

In May 2008, KL joined in the machinery exhibition in Indonesia and took part in the Canton Fair (Guangzhou) in October. Our export business developed rapidly.

In Oct. 2009, we implemented the latest version of the ISO9000 Management System. We were authenticated by the ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System.

In Dec. 2009, KL was recognized as a "High-tech Enterprise of Hangzhou".

In Mar. 2010, we were approved by the SGS Company and became the audited supplier of Chinese manufacturers.

In July 2010, we were designated as a "National High-tech Enterprise" in recognition of our energy-efficient and environmental friendly products.

In Mar. 2011, we significantly upgraded our manufacturing capacity. A dedicated factory was leased for our long-term use.

In May 2012, KL passed the reexamination of ISO9001.

In the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2012, KL renewed the production license via a series of strict examinations conducted by Hefei General Machinery Research Institute—the highest authority in the domestic industry.